Are you Vitamin D deficient?

What comes to mind when you think of Vitamin D?

Fortified milk? Sunlight? Healthy bones?

All three are critical in certain aspects of vitamin D. As children, we are encouraged to drink milk fortified with vitamin D, whether or not we understood the relationship between calcium and vitamin D (which helps our bodies absorb calcium), we drank up. We were told that milk with vitamin D is like ‘liquid sunshine’, given that nature’s best way to obtain vitamin D is to soak up some rays at least 15 minutes daily.Specifically, when referring to ‘vitamin D’, we are referring to Cholecalficerol, which is D-3 (Ergocalciferol is D-2). It is actually a precursor hormone, an important one that works with Calcitrol (a steroid hormone).We’ve always known that D is related to strong bones and healthy teeth, but there is more to that childhood lesson and deserves another discussion. Continue reading


A Runner’s Diet

In the last couple of years, I’ve picked up many miles of running and have looked to resources such as, and to keep me motivated and informed along the way. I’ve decided to collate all the information I’ve learned over the years and share that information.

The best diet is of course the one you can maintain without drastic life changes, binging and cheating. Personally I am strive to ensure that 50-75% of my diet is plant-based. At most 25% of what I eat is raw, with the remaining neither here nor there!

Create your own “fab 5 list”.  Here’s mine:

The Fab 5:

Pre-run. Some people run on an empty stomach, some need fuel.  Definitely don’t eat and run, give yourself at least 30 minutes to digest your food.  If you choose to eat, ensure you fuel yourself with some sort of carbohydrate. Your body will burn of the glycogen it stores and it keeps about 60-90 minutes worth.  If you plan to run more than 60 minutes, take a gel with you and consume after 45 minutes.  Best practice: a banana, coffee (yes, coffee – my go to is an almond milk latte), an apple, an energy bar (favorite is Lara), or some complex carbohydrate, like celery with almond butter. Continue reading