A few of my favorite foods


A few of my favorite foods

I unexpectedly found myself with some extra time today and decided to enjoy Whole Foods instead of dashing in and out for the necessary item or two. I found some old favorites, some new things (always willing to try something once). In New York this summer, I tried something new and picked up some beet juice and instantly took a liking to it. The great thing about juicing beets is you can juice the root AND toss the greens into a smoothie. It’s great to mix up your smoothie greens anyway.  In addition to beets, it has apple, carrot, ginger and lemon. It’s absolutely refreshing and yes it’s an acquired taste.  Some other oldies are Luna Bars BUT recently I read more into soy products (after writing them off completely 6-7 years ago) and came to learn that while soy in its whole form is okay to consume, soy protein isolate (aka processed soy) is a product we need to avoid (especially women). For more info on this, I found the Dr. Oz segment to be helpful.  Check that out here.  So I begrudgingly picked up probably the last few Luna bars I’ll be eating (until I make a batch of my homemade Lara bars). Continue reading