Running PRs and Goals

Current PRs

running apps26.15 as part of my sprint triathlon. Odd that the fastest I’ve run a 5k was after a 750m swim and a 13.3 mile bike ride. Previous to that it was, 26:16 in 2013. Time to get this sucker under 25 minutes.

8k – 44:58, 2012, Shamrock Shuffle. You just do this once and it’s enough. It’s  the season opener, not a place to PR by any stretch.

running apps53:11 at the 2013 Frank Lloyd Wright Race. In 2011 I won 3rd place in my division at the Chicago Aids Run, at 57:06. (One of the most exciting things to receive a medal in the mail for 3rd place!) A year later in 2012, I PRd at 54:27 at the Run for the Zoo race which landed me an 8th place finish. Field was competitive.

So much wrong in this picture but this race still earned me a 3rd place medal in 2011

10 miles – Ah, the Soldier Field race. I’ve run this 4 times now, and in 2013, ran my best time at 1:26. (2014–1:29) There is nothing more exhilarating than running into the stadium and watching yourself finish on that big screen!

running apps1:54 baby! That’s my PR after running 6 half marathons. Here’s a pic from the race that gave me the 13.1 bug, the race that I dove into the way a circus performer dives into a cup. I did well, as my first one, but I’m really happy to be at 1:54. Next up? The 1:45 club.

My first half marathon. Just signed up, wanted to see what would happen. 2:24, no walk breaks, just a slow and steady pace but I finished strong. Officially became a 13.1 addict after this


2 thoughts on “Running PRs and Goals

  1. M. Sohail says:

    Ayesha – Mubarik and congratulations. You should run for Pakistan in the Olympics! Is that possible – your times could make you easy qualifier for Pakistan.

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