The Birthday Workout!


The Aquarian

Year two of the ‘birthday workout’ was today! I turned 38 and after my morning ‘total body’ class, I went to hit the iron at 38 reps each. I love this circuit because it’s ridiculous, it’s hard and it makes you stronger. I did this last year with great satisfaction, challenge and joy. This year was no different! And the fact that this year I am studying to become a personal trainer, this challenge became more meaningful to me in a way.

This is what my trainer friend and I designed for me (the focus was low weight, muscle isolation). Unfortunately the squat bar was being work on so we had to go to plan B. Since Tuesday was a hard leg day, today’s focus was not on heavy weights:

  • 38 reps single leg split squat (no weight)
  • 38 second wall sit
  • 38 reps one-arm dumbbell row, per arm (20lbs)
  • 38 reps lateral pulldowns (80lbs)
  • 38 side-lying leg raises, per side
  • 38 reps adductors
  • 38 reps abductors

I don’t even remember the weight but I remember thinking, no one should ever do 38 reps straight of leg abductors. WHEW!

I worked on my core / some lower abdominal exercises and went back to the one-arm dumbbell row for the encore. I rowed 45lbs each side, which is my current one-rep max.

My Birthday Workout!

Really pleased with myself and excited that I challenged myself to do something different.

Because, what doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you.

And I’m a new woman after today.

I’m 38!


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