Mother to daughter words of wisdom

I don’t have daughters, but was so moved by this list of wisdom my friend wrote out for her daughter, in honor of her 10th birthday. It is wisdom that can apply to anyone, please enjoy.

She writes, “We all have our own journey and I know that what we experience is how we grow. But true to being a mother and my own nature, I feel that there is so much I want her to understand, to help her appreciate, to save her from.”

Choose your own path

Choose your own path

10 bits of wisdom I wish to impart to you on your 10th birthday, my dearest daughter, J. I know they are a bit heavy, but it’s never too soon to learn them:

* Ego will be the biggest cause of actions you will regret. It will be your greatest challenge. Learn now to set it aside and control it when needed, and you will open up many doors to happiness for yourself and others.

* Practice self-discipline in thoughts, words, and deeds and you will cultivate grace and a positive energy.

* Appreciate and acknowledge the good offered to you as much as possible. Gratitude is the essential ingredient for peace of mind.

* Do not rely heavily on any person or give anyone the power over your happiness. Depend mostly on your relationship with God. He will never disappoint, you will never be alone, and you will get through adversity just a little bit better and a little bit stronger.

* You cannot and should not change anyone. Either accept him/her or don’t. Change is possible, but very rare. Never count on it.

* Stay true to yourself. Losing self-respect is far graver than losing someone else’s respect. And knowing your good nature, I am confident that you will never fail at anything worthwhile if you stay true to what you believe and conduct yourself the way you feel is right.

*Do not take things personally. It is almost never about you. If someone is being negative and hurtful, it is almost always about their own shortcoming, their own demons, or their own affairs. And when it is about you, only people worth keeping in your life will want to work things out sincerely.

* Remove negative and insincere people from your life, or remove yourself from theirs. This is more difficult than it sounds, especially when you encounter such evils as “frienemies” and cliques. Yes, you have seen them at the elementary school level. These girls grow up and remain the same as women. Trust me on this one.

* Be generous with your words, actions, and resources for the sake of people, love, and God. Never for praise or recognition.

*Karma is real.


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