Miles in Saudi Arabia

classic conundrum! i also couldn’t run in Pakistan when I went to visit my family, luckily an uncle had a treadmill but it was not fast enough for me! haha

Muslim Runner

The Saudi government requires women to cover in public with a long black cloak called an abaya together with a hijab. During my stay in Saudi, I asked a friend about running outside, and she joked, “If you run in an abaya, you will be a spectacle. If you wear anything else you will get shot. Anyway, who would run in this heat?” It had been averaging 130 degrees Fahrenheit, so we laughed off that crazy thought.

Instead, I resorted to bootacamp. The jumps, squats, and dips felt so fun at the beginning that I looked forward to bootcamp every morning. It made me feel strong and sore in places that running neglected. However, after awhile, I got bored. I would start my day with the snooze button to delay the dreadful 24 minutes, wishing that I could run instead.

Starving for miles, I sought a place where I…

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