Are skinny jeans bad for your health

Years ago I wrote this article, and it was the most popular post. It seems as if this trend hasn’t disappeared and is relevant today.

Fashion rarely intersects with health, but a recent trend in skinny jeans has health professionals pondering otherwise: are skinny jeans bad for your health?

Are skinny jeans bad for your mental health?

Are skinny jeans bad for your mental health?

The media has much to contribute to the way we perceive ourselves and others, what we eat, how we dress, and who we admire.  The seductive relationship between the media and the fashion industry, imposes the skinny jean on both men and women.  Personally, this is a fashion trend I could resist.  After all, how in the world do you get them off?  Nevertheless, the fashion trends prevail and it is not uncommon to find a modestly clad woman wearing a long dress, belted over skinny jeans.

What is the health problem with skinny jeans you ask?  The clothing itself is exclusive.  Skinny jeans are meant for ‘skinny legs’ case closed.  There is no other way around it. Yet when you have girls who are obsessing over fashion trends, desperate to fit in, regardless of their build, they may want to wear them.  Whether they fit appropriately or not, some are determined to fit in. What’s worse is when they don’t fit well, and more attention is drawn to them.

It is no secret that body image and self-esteem for teens is extremely delicate, and that a simple ‘fashion faux pas’ can ruin a teen’s life (speaking in academic years) or send her into a fit of disordered eating, desperate to fit into those cute, black skinny jeans.  Girls just want to fit in with their friends, which is a reflection on which celebrities they admire, and adult women want to stay in style and be respected for their age and accomplishments.  So do we need a piece of clothing to do this?

Is the fashion industry responsible for disordered eating and low self-esteem in women?  This correlation is not new, just look at how short shorts have become and the recent uproar on the bikini tops made by Abercrombie & Fitch.  Our culture continues to put undue pressure on girls to look a certain way and they are seduced by advertisers to feel inadequate until their product is consumed.

Look the other way, and ban the skinny jean. They may look good on the ‘skinny leg’ girl, but certainly there are fashionable clothes for all body types.  Classic case of false advertising and distorting reality.

Recognize what is a healthy weight for yourself, have your BMI checked out, adopt a healthy physical lifestyle, coupled with healthy eating.

Before you binge into the latest fashion trend, ask yourself why? Is it to become accepted into a friend circle? Do you need the latest threads to feel popular? There are deeper issues, related to an unhealthy balance between mind, body and soul which needs to be explored more.

Create a vision board. What makes you happy? What are you good at? What skills do you want to learn? Steer your thoughts away from trends that disappear yearly.


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